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WordPress Booking Plugin Email Notifications for Hotels

December 08, 2023
08:52 AM

Email booking notifications are often used to deliver reservation details to customers like hotel guests. These notifications can be sent from reservation systems like a WordPress Booking Plugin. Also, they’re essential for smooth workflows for restaurants, car rental services, and of course, hotels.

Email notifications are automated messages sent to the customer’s inbox after a booking has been confirmed. Their purpose is to confirm and communicate important details regarding the customer’s reservation, such as the following:

  • Booking date;
  • Location;
  • Other special requests, etc.

Source: Statista.

Over 347 billion emails are sent daily, some of which include notifications. Email notifications professionally bridge the gap between customers and the business. With the help of a WordPress Booking Plugin, which streamlines bookings, hotel guests can be sure that your business will meet their reservations.

Reasons Why Email Booking Notifications are Essential in the Hospitality Industry: 

Enhances the Customer Experience

Email booking notifications are a streamlined and efficient way to deliver essential reservation details to customers. As a result of sending notifications, customers gain more confidence in the business because of its convenient booking process. Of course, they also reduce anxiety regarding confirmed bookings.


Hospitality businesses must always provide customers with in-depth and comprehensive details regarding their reservations to reduce confusion. Business owners may also personalize some notifications with their unique brand identity.

Firstly, an Email Booking Notification is automatically sent to the customer when a booking is confirmed. They will provide the booking information alongside critical details like hotel services and cancellation policies. This encourages customers to book another stay at the hotel in the future.

Reducing No-Shows and Overbookings

Hotels, restaurants, and car rentals each have challenges unique to the nature of their business. One of the significant issues they face is handling no-shows and overbookings

No-shows refer to customers who did not show up on the estimated date of their reservations. After all, “it’s estimated that 20% of diners” in big cities are no-shows. They’re considered a persistent problem and result in the following:

  • Unused tables;
  • Unoptimized resources; and
  • Revenue loss.

On the other hand, overbooking cases refer to multiple reservations placed on the same date at the very same time. This case also covers reservations placed on the same tables. Overbooking occurs when more reservations are accepted than the available tables, rooms, or vehicles.

Fortunately, you can use a WordPress Booking Plugin to send email notifications, which helps address these challenges. They send booking confirmations and reminders to customers in advance, which helps businesses reduce the likelihood of no-shows. One can also use email notifications to send customers automated reminders.

Additionally, email notifications can be used to monitor available bookings, which helps reduce overbooking cases. Furthermore, hospitality businesses can apply security deposits and notify them of the payments by email. 

Streamlining Operations

Email booking notifications assist hotel staff in streamlining their establishment’s operations and services. A WordPress Booking Plugin integrates email notifications within the system, resulting in minimal risks and enhanced efficiency.

Sending recorded booking details through email helps staff and customers prepare for the reservation. In particular, the confirmation email can equip hotel staff with the necessary information to provide customers with efficient, high-quality services. 

Building Trust and Credibility

Building customer trust is critical, and email booking notifications are vital. In addition, WordPress Booking Plugins are equipped with vital security measures to maintain transparent and secure communication. 

By ensuring your customers receive the emails, you develop a bond of trust with customers. Customers who engage with your email content tend to be more trusting of your services and plan repeat bookings for the future. Also, you can deliver valuable content through newsletters and respect user preferences. 

Vector of positive reviews for repeat bookings

Customization and Branding

Many customers tend to prefer personalization, such as in email notifications. Customizing the booking notifications with the business’s branding elements will show customers your identity and values. 52% of consumers think personalization boosts brand satisfaction.

In addition to reflecting the brand’s voice and values, personalized notifications make your hospitality business recognizable to customers.

By providing personalized emails, hospitality businesses can showcase their services and products. As a result, your business can create a solid customer experience. 

A WordPress Booking Plugin on your hotel business website automates email notifications. Thus, you can send an email that displays essential brand elements, such as its logo, color palette, and typography.

Ensuring Accessibility and Reliability

Email has become an essential form of communication for businesses to send essential data, updates, and notifications. For instance, customers can be reminded of the reservation time and date and contact the hotel business for further inquiries. Today, an estimated 4.4 billion people use emails worldwide.

Oberlo Email Users, why you need WordPress Booking Plugin Notifications

Source: Oberlo.

Email notifications are accessible and reliable for delivering data after booking confirmation. Thus, hospitality businesses should ensure emails are efficiently delivered and they’re easy to access.  

WordPress Booking Plugins can send emails containing vital information for customer reservations. They are also well-designed and created so they don’t end up in Spam folders.

Deliver Booking Details through the Right WordPress Booking Plugin!

Email booking notifications are vital for streamlining bookings. Booking plugins will send emails containing customer reservation details. Thus, emails are valuable for industries that depend on booking services, and they can help increase business revenue for restaurants, car rental industries, and hotels.

Because the emails are automated, they’re quickly delivered to customers upon booking confirmation. Also, because of their timeliness, they establish a connection between businesses and customers about booking details.

Start seeing positive results in your booking management today with the eaSYNC Booking Hotel Reservation module! Experience a streamlined booking process with our WordPress Booking Plugin and its features.

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