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Effective Solution to No-Shows

January 31, 2024
03:43 PM

No-shows can be an inconvenience to hotel owners and, in some cases, pose a considerable challenge. A strategic approach involves leveraging a WordPress Reservation Plugin, allowing customization of the Hotel Cancellation Policy and Minimum Days of Stay.

Kalibri Labs Cancelled Reservation by Lead Time, hotel cancellation policy is important

Source: Kalibri Labs.

No-shows occur when guests fail to arrive on the booked date without prior notice or updates. No-shows can result in the following:

  • Unoccupied rooms and operational inefficiencies on the reserved dates. 
  • Wasted resources.
  • Potential income loss.
  • Jeopardized financial performance.
  • Losing chances with potential walk-in guests.
  • Significant adverse impacts on hotel forecasting and controls.

Hotel owners should take proactive steps to minimize no-show incidents. This includes optimizing reservation policies and diligently enforcing them thoroughly. 

Hotel Rate Management With A Hotel Booking System

Other helpful strategies to combat no-shows and cancellations involve leaning more into technology and effective booking management. Furthermore, security deposits and cancellation fees for failed arrivals are a helpful form of insurance for the business.

No-shows and last-minute cancellations might spell problems for your hospitality business. So, utilizing an online booking plugin can help hotels reduce no-show incidents. A WordPress Booking Plugin’s Pro plan lets users add a Hotel Cancellation Policy page and Minimum Days of Stay.

Introducing Hotel Cancellation Policy and Minimum Days of Stay

The WordPress Hotel Reservation Plugin is a compelling online booking tool for hotel owners to streamline booking processes and increase customer satisfaction. It introduces custom features that hotel owners can use to their advantage!

Adding Cancellation Policies for Assurance

A Hotel Cancellation Policy can deter against no-shows and late cancellations. Such policies are standard in many industries outside hotels, including travel and restaurants. 

The Restaurant Reservation Cancellation Policy (1)

Additionally, implementing a cancellation policy maintains the business’ integrity and notifies guests of backup coverage regarding their reservation. If guests fail to honor the booking without any updates or cancel their booking late, the business has a form of compensation.

Setting Minimum Days of Stay 

Hotel owners can often edit their booking form fields so guests can input relevant information. They can set up a minimum number of days guests can stay in a room. By implementing precise duration requirements, hotel proprietors can enhance hotel occupancy rates. Not only that, but they can also reduce the probability of unexpected cancellations!

Implementing Hotel Cancellation Policy Pages and Minimum Days of Stay 

Hoteliers must take it upon themselves to be resourceful and utilize the ideal technology for their business needs. So, you must know how to implement the right WordPress Hotel Reservation Plugin on their website.

Here are the steps for implementing your room’s Hotel Cancellation Policy and Minimum Days via eaSYNC Booking:

Adding Cancellation Policy

eaSYNC Adding Cancellation Policy

1.) In the Admin Dashboard, navigate to the eaSYNC Booking menu, then click Settings.

2.) Under the Settings page, go to the General tab (it usually appears by default). Then, click on the Hotel Booking heading, which will cause an accordion menu to appear. Afterward, click Cancellation Settings

eaSYNC Cancellation Settings

3.) Under this section, you can configure your business’ cancellation policy. For example, you must add your site’s cancellation policy page, grace period, and refund rate.

Adding Minimum Days of Stay

eaSYNC Adding Minimum Days of Stay

1.) In the WordPress Dashboard, navigate to the eaSYNC Hotel menu.

2.) Under this menu, select Add New Room.

3.) Input the necessary details under the New Rooms section: availability, number of beds, minimum days of stay, etc.

Applying a cancellation policy and minimum days is only one aspect of minimizing no-shows. Proper planning is another critical factor in improving your hospitality business’s occupancy rates. 

Here are some more helpful strategies aside from implementing cancellation policies and minimum days:

  • Highlight important factors and exceptions in the cancellation policy, such as certain situations or events. You can also allow guests to modify their bookings within specific timeframes.
  • Regularly update your policies after considering customer feedback, upcoming industry trends, and competitive approaches.
  • Apply needed changes according to negative reviews and provide new services to gain new customers and retain loyal ones.
  • Lastly, ensure proper communication and share booking details, backing up the reasons behind the policies for greater guest satisfaction.

These strategies will ensure your guests take the cancellation policies and minimum days seriously. They strike a delicate balance between safeguarding revenue and ensuring customer retention. Meanwhile, the hotel can continue to maintain its high-quality services.

How Online Hotel Bookings Improve Occupancy Rates

Final Thoughts

Outlining rules in a Hotel Cancellation Policy and Minimum Days of Stay helps hospitality businesses in the long run. Any proactive measure helps hoteliers anticipate and handle disruptions, such as sudden cancellations, overbookings, and no-shows. The key to staying ahead is to gain a strategic edge in the competitive landscape with eaSYNC Booking. 

Consider installing the eaSYNC Booking system, which streamlines hotel room booking management! Our WordPress Hotel Reservation Plugin empowers hotels with convenient features like setting up tailored policies. Our platform’s intuitive interface and various customizable options allow hotel businesses to meet specific needs and market conditions!

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