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Hotel Rate Management with a Hotel Booking System

October 31, 2023
10:43 AM

Hotel Rate Management allows hotels to maximize profit and reach their sales goals. Fortunately, WordPress Hotel Booking Plugins maximize business revenue and guest satisfaction by automatically adjusting your hotel rates on particular dates.

How exactly does adjusting your hotel rates on specific dates help your business? We’ll explore how it works and how the eaSYNC Booking plugin can streamline the process.

Understanding the Significance of Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing allows hotels to change room rates based on various factors, including the following:

  • Customer demands;
  • Seasonality; and
  • Marketing conditions.
Analytics Yogi pricing factors

Source: Analytics Yogi.

Hotel businesses adopt this pricing strategy to maximize revenues and adjust their pricing “in response to the high demand.” However, manual rate adjustments come with several challenges.

On the other hand, dynamic pricing and rate management for specific times are considered intensive. After all, it requires constant analysis of competitors and changing market conditions.  

Another challenge is affecting outside sources such as weather changes and emergencies. Applying rate changes on any unforeseen incident would cause a decrease in revenue and miss out on peak demand periods.

Benefits of Using Date-Dependent Rate Management

The hotel industry understands the importance of managing rates and dates to improve profits. Using date-dependent pricing and rate management comes with several benefits:

Sets Different Rates Depending on Dates

Hotel Booking systems such as WordPress Plugins have vital features that optimize hotel reservations. Of course, one of these features grants hotel business owners the ability to set different room rates on specific dates.

EaSYNC Blog Aug. 2023 Features Of Online Booking System Elevate Your Hotel

Hotel Rates Management is critical for hospitality industries as it allows them to offer guests unique prices at suitable dates and times. As a result, it helps them remain competitive and gain high profits. 

Additionally, adopting such an approach increases occupancy rates for the hotel.

Increased Revenue Potential

Rates and dates management helps hotel businesses meet ever-changing demands. By adjusting their room rates during peak periods, hotels can maximize revenue and profit returns.

Improved Occupancy Rates

By adjusting room or service rates at any given time, hotel businesses can attract more customers. For instance, they can entice people to book a stay outside peak periods and maintain steady occupancy. Thus, it ensures balanced occupancy rates throughout the year.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Hotel business owners can set up fair pricing so customers can conveniently book a stay at your establishment. Businesses must adjust prices to match peak and slow periods for a satisfying customer experience.

Time and Resource Savings

Additionally, Hotel Rates Management saves hotel owners and staff time and resources in adjusting rates at convenient periods. This is incredibly convenient for developing fields such as hotel services, marketing resources, and operations.

How to Set Different Rates Depending on Dates in eaSYNC Booking

Here is a step-by-step guide on configuring your date-dependent rate with our eaSYNC WordPress Hotel Booking Plugin.

  1. Go to the Rates tab in eaSYNC Booking and click Room Rates Settings.
Hotel Rate Management on eaSYNC
  1. Next, click on the “New Rate” button in the drop-down menu under Setup Room Rates.
Hotel Rate Management on eaSYNC
  1. A popup will appear, and you must enter the desired rate for each room type.
Hotel Rate Management on eaSYNC
  1. Click on the Save button, and the room rate will appear as shown below.
Hotel Rate Management on eaSYNC

Best Practices for Optimizing Hotel Rate and Date Management to Increase Revenue 

Managing your rates on specific dates helps increase revenue and ensure your prices align with your business’s financial goal yearly. To properly optimize your rate management over time, here are some helpful tips:

Offer Lower Rates for Longer Stays

This strategy targets loyal customers who tend to visit your establishment from time to time. Hotel businesses can offer lower rates to regulars, encouraging them to take it and extend their stay.

Offer Discounts for Booking in Advance

Another helpful practice is offering discounts for advanced bookings. Many customers have certain plans involving making advance reservations for specific dates. Thus, hotel owners may offer special discounts for advanced bookings for any specific period.

Offer Special Rates for Groups or Families

Having rates for a single customer is vastly different compared to a group or family of guests. So, you can encourage a large group to book into the hotel without counting per person. Also, your business must offer a special rate catering to groups.

Offer Package Deals (e.g., Accommodation, Meals, and Activities)

Lastly, you can offer special package deals to potential customers in specific seasons. Many customers prefer particular commodities during their visit, such as free Wi-Fi, hotel meals, and good customer service.

How Online Hotel Bookings Improve Occupancy Rates

Final Thoughts

Hotel business systems must properly plan out and adjust their room rates. Managing your rates revolves around certain factors, but proper management results in various benefits for your business. This and all other helpful features are precisely what you need to optimize your business further.

The WordPress Hotel Booking Plugin allows hotel owners to manage their room rates on particular dates. Improving your rate management has never been easier with our Premium WordPress Hotel Booking Plugin!

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