Online Payment Gateways on the eaSYNC Pro Plan

April 18, 2023
08:40 AM

Online payment functionality is critical for customers who purchase products or services online. After all, consumers prefer convenience, so your business should have enough Online Payment Gateways to choose from.

Additional Online Payment Gateways Offered on the eaSYNC Booking Premium Plan

Stripe Online Payment Gateway


If you don’t have one already, you can set up your free Stripe account via the platform’s registration page. But once you have an account, you can connect it to eaSYNC with an Application Programming Interface key. They’ll connect your business site to this Online Payment Gateway. 

You can retrieve your unique API key via your Stripe account settings.

Once logged in, click “Developers” at the top-right of the home page

So after logging into your Stripe account, click the Developers option in the top right corner of the dashboard.

Then go to API Keys tab to set up your Stripe Online Payment Gateway

Next, click on the API Keys tab.

Click “Reveal test key” to get the secret key.

Select the ‘Reveal test key.’ Then, you’ll find your secret and publishable keys.

Copy the publishable key and paste to the correct field to set up your Stripe Online Payment Gateway

First, copy your publishable key.

and paste the publishable key to the correct field

Paste it to the Stripe Settings field in eaSYNC.

The same with the secret key, copy the key and paste to the correct field

Do the same with the Secret key.

Copy the key and paste to the correct field to set up your Stripe Online Payment Gateway

Both must be copied and pasted to the right fields to connect to your site.

Once both keys are placed, click the save button

Once done, don’t forget to save your keys!

To connect a payment solution to, you need your API Login ID and a Transaction Key.

Go to “” and sign in or create an account wherein sandbox is used for testing

The first step to connecting this Online Payment Gateway to eaSYNC is to sign up or log in on the developer side of You can click Sandbox if you’re still testing or Production if you already accept payments. 

Once logged in, go to the “Account” tab to set up your Online Payment Gateway

After successfully logging in or signing up, head to your Account tab.

Then go to “API Credentials & Keys" Under Security Settings

Then, go to the Security Settings section and select API Credentials & Keys.

Then create a transaction key by selecting “New Transaction Key”

To create a new API key, simply click New Transaction Key. 

Once done, click Submit, and you’ll be prompted to request and enter a validation PIN.

Once done, copy the generated transaction key to set up your Online Payment Gateway

Afterward, you can see your new transaction key.

Copy and paste the transaction key  to set up your Online Payment Gateway

Next, copy and paste it into the appropriate fields on your eaSYNC Settings page.

Then go back to API credentials & keys and copy your API Login ID

Make sure to add your API login. Of course, you can find it in the API Credentials and Keys section!

 copy and paste your API Login ID to set up your Online Payment Gateway

Add it to the appropriate Settings field.

Select the correct keys, sandbox if still testing, production if already accepting payments.

Also, make sure to select the correct Use! Once everything is satisfactory, click Save.

Use Our Premium Plans to Access These Gateways!

The eaSYNC Plugin’s Pro Plans now add Stripe and In addition to those, the WordPress Booking Plugin offers a variety of payment methods at our customers’ convenience.

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