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Safe Dining Solutions During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, unimaginable things have happened to countries across the globe. People are losing their jobs, and casualties go by the hundreds of thousands. Businesses have even either suspended or shut down their operations. As most people residing or working in highly-urbanized areas rely on fast-food chains and restaurants, the shutdown of several businesses from the food service industry has significantly impacted their daily activities. Thankfully, restaurants have devised various safe dining solutions to keep their business going while remaining compliant with health protocols against the further spreading of the virus.


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Safe Dining Solutions Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic


Businesses should stay innovative and persistent, especially during these difficult times. They should keep on looking for solutions to survive the drastic effects of the pandemic. These safe dining solutions may include new food safety and sanitation programs regarding food handling, food preparation, food packaging, and the like. Other solutions that restaurants can include in their strategy may consist of food pick-up and delivery services. These safe dining solutions should work to make things easier and more comfortable for customers to purchase.


Take a look at some of the safe dining solutions that restaurants can adopt to help bring back their customers:


1. Manage Bookings and Reservations

Availability of WordPress restaurant booking plugins help restaurants and diners adjust to the new normal of dining out. By managing bookings, it helps establishments from overcrowding their venues and violating physical distancing requirements. With the WordPress restaurant booking plugin aiding your restaurant operations, you significantly reduce the chance of the virus from spreading further. Check out this guide on how to add the WordPress restaurant booking plugin to your WordPress websites.

2. Island Sitting

Distance and space are now requisites in this time of the pandemic. Thus, no longer can restaurants maximize their space to allow more diners at a time. Restaurants should maintain a minimum distance of at least one meter between tables and between individuals to follow physical distancing protocols. Doing so helps reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

3. Live Cooking Counters

You can try placing live cooking counters in your establishment. Doing this ensures your customers that the food they ordered goes through clean and proper cooking procedures. With this set-up, customers can see for themselves the entire cooking process. Live cooking counters also provide an intimate, unique, and exciting dining experience for your customers.

4. Drink Dispensers

Through beverage dispensers, customers can get their drinks and feel at ease that it has not been tampered with. Dispensers are also an excellent opportunity to utilize premixed canned drinks aside from bottled beverages. These may require your customers to get up and fill their glasses, but it’s all for their well-being. Please make sure that you keep the dispenser area clean and sanitized. 

5. Strict Sanitation

During the pandemic, all kinds of businesses must keep their business establishments sanitized. Thus, restaurants must invest in the proper sanitation of their equipment and machinery. You must keep the entire amenity clean to reduce the chance of spreading the virus. Also, ensure that the whole staff knows what to do with acquired sanitary tools and how to use them. With a clean-looking restaurant, customers are more encouraged to dine in.

6. Pick-Up and Delivery Services

For now, dining out may not be an option for other people. To deal with this, you can use the WordPress restaurant booking plugin to offer your clients pick-up and delivery options. When purchasing on your website, they can choose to pick up the food from your physical store. They can also have it delivered to their homes or workplace (if you offer delivery services). With this, you are ensured not to miss any of your prospective customers.


Safe Dining Solutions with WordPress Restaurant Booking Plugin for Food Delivery
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Safe Dining Solutions Keep Your Business Afloat!


Yes, keeping your business alive is not easy. The ongoing health crisis even made it more difficult. However, businesses must keep fighting for their survival even during this pandemic. The safe dining solutions mentioned above may not help you earn as much as you did before; however, it is better than having to close the entire operation.


Manage your reservations, monitor restaurant capacity, and offer pick-up and delivery options through a restaurant booking plugin. Employ safe dining solutions and make your business transactions more manageable with the WordPress restaurant booking plugin by eaSYNC!

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